cite de lhuitre Cite huitre oleron marennes hotel saint trojan

The city of the oyster

In the heart of Marennes, the Cité de l'Huître is easily accessible from your hotel Le Coureau in Saint-Trojan-les-Bains. Less than 20 km away, you can get there by bike or by car, crossing the Ile d'Oléron bridge.

The city of the oyster is fun, with plenty to explore and experiences to share with family or friends. This original site is set on the water, between river and ocean, on the edge of the Cayenne channel.

Discover the world of oysters from your hotel in Saint Trojan

With more than two and a half hours of visit, it's the perfect place to to discover the world of oyster farming. On the program, 4 colorful cabins (green, blue, yellow and red) with 4 diffrent atmospheres allowing you to understand and discover the oyster and the Seudre marsh, its oyster farmers and their stories.

And if you love the great outdoors and discoveries, go on the Chemin des Claires, in the middle of the oyster marsh, solve the puzzles, look for the boxes and find the treasures for a life-size geocaching!

More info on the Cité de l'Huître website